Planning has Begun!

After two years, finally mum is in remission and we can get back to our plans for traveling. Whether we’ll do the complete round trip or just some short one, we’re not too sure.

We’ve started to pack up the house. After getting some real estate appraisals and the market being what it is at the moment, we’ve decided to rent out our home and see what happens.

First trip will be the scenic route to Mudgee where some of our family live. I used the NRMA trip planner until I can find something else which shows points of interest as well as accommodation.   I’m open to any suggestions.

Remember this is the planning stage:

Toowoomba  ->  Stanthorpe  ->  Texas  ->  Moree  ->  Lightning Ridge  ->  Bourke to Wenthworth (Darling River Run) -> Dubbo -> Mudgee.

Seeing as we’ll be so close to one of the corners we’ll probably detour and put our feel in all three states.  NSW, SA and Victoria.

Oh well back to packing :-/




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I set this website up to document our journey around Australia, for friends, family and others interested in travelling around Australia as a change of lifestyle.  And also a place to keep useful links I have found by research, reading others blogs etc. 

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Due to my mum being diagnosed with a Small Cell Carcinoma in her lungs, our trip has been postponed indefinitely. The outcome is looking good due to an aggressive treatment with Chemo and Radiotherapy.

I will continue to research and will post any interesting and useful resources I find.

If you want to donate and help to cure this devastating and horrible disease (my mum is only 64) please go to Australian Cancer Foundation Research